Picture a Day: 13/30

Title: Summer, Meet Autumn

I took this picture a couple days ago, then posted about my unusual reluctance for the entrance of autumn on my facebook page yesterday (see below). A friend commented asking for a picture of grass, so I have obliged. 🙂 Enjoy!


I’ve never said this before, since fall is one of my favorite seasons. Maybe it’s because we’re starting school so late. Maybe it’s because we’re still in T-shirt and flip-flop weather. Whatever the cause, I feel the need to make this announcement:
It’s still summer, and will be officially for another month! Slow down the pumpkin-flavor production lines, and permit me a couple more weeks of blue skies and bright sweet berries, of fragrant green grass and warm yellow sunshine. Then autumn can descend with its crisp amber leaves, crimson apples, cinnamon scents, and spicy pumpkins, and all will be well as we anticipate Christmas.
Thank you.


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