This Week, I Was Asked…

  • Which page are we doing?
  • How do you spell “beautiful”?
  • Which page are we on?
  • Can you tie my shoe?
  • Can I play with my yo-yo at my desk?
  • What page did you say?
  • Can I go to the bathroom?
  • Which page is Proverbs on in my Bible?
  • Did Cain go to hell?
  • Can I get a tissue?
  • Can I read a book?
  • May I get a drink of water?
  • What is tape made out of?
  • When is lunch?
  • Can I clean out my desk?
  • Can you help me get this wipe out of the container?
  • What is 300+200+100?
  • Can I get my sweater?
  • Can I work in my journal?
  • Can I help her with her paper?
  • Which page in my book?
  • Can I go to the bathroom?
  • When is it time to go home?
  • Do we have art today?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • How do you go to Heaven? I mean, where is it? How do you get there?

Big or little, repetitive or unique, each question represents a bit of instruction or knowledge that a child trusts me to truthfully and lovingly provide. Yes, those frequent questions that I’ve already answered (multiple times) can be annoying, but the way I answer affects whether or not questions keep coming. And sometimes, the next question is an important one. What a privilege, what a responsibility, and what an exciting opportunity.


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