No Good Thing

“No good thing will He withhold,”
This is His word to me,
“From those who walk within His ways
And His beauty long to see.”

My soul and flesh cry out in need
And gasp to be fulfilled;
The tiny birds all have a home,
But I am trav’ling still.

I follow You in all my ways,
As You have told me to.
Yet sorrow cries for tear-filled eyes–
When will they be filled with You?

For You have placed me in this world,
And yet I don’t belong.
Though it’s a blessing to be Yours,
The journey seems so long.

And yet, I’m here. Your strength is mine.
True, I don’t see You yet,
But eyes of faith know You’re with me–
And joy breaks through a bit.

I raise my eyes and look around
–how did I not see?
I’m not alone without a home:
All around’s our family.

This valley low, then wet by tears,
Now overflows with springs.
My outward man may perish still,
But inside I live, and sing!

Your presence leads us through this place
Where people dwell at ease
With riches, pleasures You keep back–
But now, I don’t want these.

Though it may take a thousand years,
A single day with You
Is worth more than the world You’ve made,
So help me follow through.

You choose for us the wilderness
Not to withhold Your best,
But when You strip all else away,
Our hearts still find their rest.

Your grace and glory, sun and shield
Are for Your bride alone.
As we together cling to You,
We know that we are home.

So I will dwell where I am called;
On earth, it matters not
Except to use the gifts You give
To show to all my God.

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